Tuesday, October 11, 2016

sloths + stripes | a quilt for jack

Our friends John and Rachel recently welcomed their third baby, a boy they named Jack. I made quilts for their older son and daughter, so of course Jack needed his own. I used the geometric blue print by Michael Miller as a starting point and added a solid turquoise, a small scale sky blue print, and the funny Cotton + Steel sloths. Since Rory was only a few weeks old when I started making this I kept it super simple with a bunch of wide horizontal stripes. Hopefully Jack isn't too picky!
I quilted it with free motion random loops and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I still consider myself a novice when it comes to free motion - my stitch length consistency could definitely use some work, and I'd like for my motions to be more smooth, too. However, I think the wonkiness of the stitches complements the quirky sloths. 
For the back I used a large piece of C+S  alphabet fabric along with more sloths, the sky blue print from the front, and some blue on blue Kaffe polka dots that I love but have never gotten around to using. (Apparently my only photo of the back is blurry.)
I bound the quilt in these Cotton + Steels stars which are one of my new favorites. I bound Rory's quilt in them, too, though I haven't taken any decent photos of his yet. In case you were wondering, I took these photos on Benefit Street after the boys and I went to RISD Craft with my parents and brother. Thanks for being my quilt holder, mom! And thanks to my dad and brother for wrangling the boys across the street from this house that I deemed worthy of the mini photo session.
Jack, I hope your quilt keeps you warm and brings you comfort! It was made with love, and I prayed for you and your mom often as I stitched.

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  1. That was a fun day, of course, with my very favorite peeps in all the world, (with a couple otherwise occupied), and this is a very fun quilt!


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