Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a quilt for Baby Mac

My friend Keri and her husband Josh welcomed their little girl, Amelia Jane, into the world in September.  Since I love quilting I told Keri that I wanted to make a quilt for their baby and Keri accepted.  She has great taste in fabric and I couldn't wait to work with all of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley fabrics in the New Day colorway that Keri chose - wall flowerdiamond dandycanyon stripefour square, and prairie rose.
I used a cube divider in my father-in-law's store as a design board and it worked quite well!
 The pattern I used is Elizabeth Hartman's simple charm squares baby quilt pattern and I think it turned out quite well.  My sister-in-law chose the same pattern when I offered to make my little nephew Jacob (born 23 days after Ezra!) a quilt. 
I love the vintage feel of the quilt and think it coordinates well with the decor of Josh and Keri's house.  I hope Amelia enjoys many hours of tummy time on it!  Also, check out Amelia's room here.  You can see that Keri has a great eye for design! 

P.S. Read Keri's post about the quilt right here.  Also, Keri just told me that Amelia rolled over for the first time on it!


  1. Thank you Tara. We love the quilt! It looks professional.

  2. :D I love Amelia's quilt. I put it over the corner of our couch for use at any moment (matches perfectly)! Thus far, I've been able to keep Levi off of it, even though he loves to lay on blankets on the floor.

    Thank you so much, Tara!

    Now to finish the diaper bag... (it will be done soon - I swear!)


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