Tuesday, November 27, 2018

stripes and solids | a quilt for Finnegan

This quilt doesn't make any sense to me when I look at it. Sometime I make things like that. Does that happen to any other quilters or makers? I made the stripey blocks in a class I took earlier this year but no matter how I put them together they made me dizzy. I decided to combine them with some other fabrics to tone down the busyness a little bit but I don't think I was successful. I may not have achieved artistic greatness here but I did have fun making it! 
I love these prints on the back, both the trees and funny little gumdrops. I bought the gumdrops for a commission quilt that I made last summer but I only needed a small piece and I didn't know when I would use such a large piece, almost a yard, of funny little gumdrops. They seemed to suit this quilt and I really like how the colors complement the front.
Even though I don't love the effect of the quilt overall, I do love the prints that I used in it. I love these bears, the stars, the gingham, the buttons, all of them. One thing that I love about quilts is that no matter what they look like they still keep you warm. They're still good for making forts and having picnics and wrapping around your shoulders on a chilly day while you read books on the couch by a fire with a cup of tea.
I'm sending this quilt to a new baby named Finnegan, full of hope and dreams for the future. I'm sure he won't mind that it didn't turn out the way I planned.
Special thanks to my very eager quilt holders, Finn and Rory <3 p="">


  1. great little quilt, held up by the cutest hands. The dizziness of it, which is pretty sweet, brings to mind my times babysitting solo with the three boys Celeste!

  2. Absolutely fantastic job you have done here. And Thank you for sharing with us

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