Friday, December 14, 2012

hello weekend & an Anthropologie event reminder

Last call to sign up for the craft event at Anthropologie next week! Everything you need to know is listed above, but to see my original post go here. Also, it's completely free! So come join me and the team at Anthropologie and make a few ornaments, gift toppers, or even a word garland (I have "peace" hanging on one of my chevron canvases, along with our Christmas cards). Bring your mom and sisters! Tell your friends and neighbors! There are only a handful of spots left in the early session, but the second session is only about half full so sign up so I can meet you!

In addition to prepping for the event, I'm also getting ready for my friend Hillary's baby shower tomorrow morning. Let's just say that the KitchenAid and oven are getting a workout. After the shower Matt and I are heading to our youth group Christmas party. I may or may not be wearing a tacky sweater.

And now for the weekly weekend reading...
the unspoken subtext of dinner party offerings
- this gingerbread house party reminds me of my cousin Meg's birthday parties when we were little
- have a cup of cheer
another brownstone tour that I love (check out the nursery!)
a gummy bear chandelier exists!
- this is such a pretty manicure
- now I need a ladder for displaying quilts
- a Harold and the Purple Crayon tee shirt. Want. via Get Along and Go
- a (free! printable!) calendar devoted to sweets
- it's like camping for wimps and I think I like it
- I've never wanted a cat stuffed animal so badly in my life

Have a great weekend! I know I'm going to :)


  1. this is a great list....i am pretty sure i have been looking for a quilt ladder for years!!!!! it seems like a eternal hunt

  2. My daughter and I are signed up for the 7:00 session. See you then!


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