Tuesday, December 18, 2012

caught being crafty | simple pom pom magnets

Yesterday I saw a quick tutorial for pom pom magnets on julep (minted's blog) and immediately wondered why I had never thought of making some before. Forehead slap! I broke out the hot glue gun, grabbed some plain black magnets off the fridge (they weren't always plain but a certain someone is always yanking off the coins I had on them), and dug the pom poms out of my craft room. 

And to be real, I'm sharing where I really did this craft - no fancy styling today, folks. We weren't in the craft room or even on the dining room table. These pom pom magnets were constructed on top of the counter next to the door, where Matt piles all of his junk for months (and months and months). Not pictured: miscellaneous cables, crumpled business cards, about twenty photo strips, a stack of test prints, phone chargers, receipts, an empty piggy bank (okay, so that's not Matt's), and who knows what else.

All I did was fire up the glue gun, squirt some glue onto the magnets, and press the pom poms on top. Done and done. Pretty (ombre!) pom pom magnets. Thanks so much for the idea, Alison!


  1. Cute! And I think it's a rule that every house have that spot on the counter. Ours is next to the oven : )

  2. Pretty! Your father is the king of piles! But he's now immune to my griping about it after alllll these years...

  3. I LOVE your colors! Fabulous!


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