Thursday, November 15, 2012

put a bow on it | leopard flats

Meet my new leopard flats. I bought them about a month ago and they had these sad little bows that looked like faded shoelaces, so I decided to swap them out for some shiny satin ribbons. 

See how sad the original bows look?

First I removed the bows using my seam ripper and a tiny pair of scissors. I considered leaving the flats plain, but as you can see there are some small holes where the bows were stitched to the shoes. I didn't think anyone would be looking too closely at my feet, but I thought it would be best to cover the holes anyway.

Bye bye, sad bows!

Next I cut two lengths of satin ribbon and tied bows - nothing fancy, just a regular bow. At this point you could secure the bows vertically along the knots with a few quick stitches (I did) so they won't be able to come untied, or just cross your fingers and hope they stay tied!

Attach the bows with a generous dab of craft glue, and then trim the ribbon to the desired length. I like mine on the long side, extending over the edge of the shoe. 

It's a good idea to use clips of some sort to secure the bows while they're drying. I let mine dry overnight and they were good to go the next day!

Edit: After wearing my shoes three times one of the bows fell off! The craft glue wasn't strong enough, so use hot glue or even super glue instead. 


  1. Too cute. Great DIY!! I am tweeting this gem.

  2. Oh those do look much much better :)


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