Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what to do with quinoa

Last week I wrote about Brussels sprouts and a few different ways to cook them because I've learned that they're a very versatile vegetable and I actually really like them. I thought I would share a few more recipes featuring an underappreciated food that we love - quinoa. Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is kind of like a grain and kind of like pasta, but it's neither. It cooks quickly and easily and is super healthy - it's a source of complete protein, contains calcium, and is high in dietary fiber. When cooked, quinoa has a light and fluffy texture and a mild flavor that makes it a good alternative to rice or cous cous. If you'd like to try it, I highly recommend these recipes...

black bean quinoa burgers - If your pantry is well-stocked then this is a great last minute dinner. Everything gets mixed together in a bowl and then you form patties with your hands and panfry them. We like ours topped with melted cheese and carmelized onions. Oh, and I cook the onions in the recipe, too.

one pot kale and quinoa pilaf - One pot meals usually scare me off, but this one is a keeper. The quinoa combines with steamed kale, toasted pine nuts, and a lemony sauce to create a flavorful dish that's light but quite filling. I always use goat cheese instead of feta.

sweet potato and quinoa salad - I don't really like cutting up potatoes, but it's worth it to make this salad. After you cook the quinoa and roast the potatoes the rest is simple assembly. The cranberries add the perfect amount of sweetness.

Do you have any quinoa recipes that you like? I'd love to try them!

image via One Hungry Mama


  1. Mmm, these look great! Especially those black bean quinoa burgers...I think I'm going to try and make them this weekend!

  2. I've only ever bought quinoa precooked and not tried my hand at making anything with it yet. But maybe it's about time I start - looks really tasty


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