Thursday, October 25, 2012

tea with Rose | Pastiche

Pastiche is a place known for its fabulous desserts, but they also serve tea in cute little pots so Hillary and I decided to stop there for our tea tour last this month (check out here post over here). There's so much to love about Pastiche - the cozy fireplace, the mirrors alongside the few booths, the chocolate mousse... I could go on, but we were there for tea so I avoided temptation and didn't look in the direction of the dessert case too much. Instead, I ordered a simple almond biscotti and a pot of mint melange. I'm a big fan of mint tea and while this one wasn't anything mind blowing, it was good and hit the spot.

As you can see, Ezra is totally on board with the tea tour and drinks a cuppa of his own now. The waiter was kind enough to get a little espresso cup that was more his size. I also got a lemon poppy scone to share, but Ezra ate the entire thing. I didn't even get a crumb.

I don't know about you but I've been enjoying our tea tour very much. Those of you who are local - have you tried any of the places we've been to? We love places that brew their own blends but haven't come across many. Have any recommendations for us? We'd love to hear!


  1. Your little one is developing quite a sophisticated palette. And it looks like he has such wonderful table manners too

  2. Oh, boy, this post had me smiling from ear to ear. Look at his little pinkie finger - he's got it all going on! (Ditto the above comment, too!)


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