Tuesday, October 9, 2012

print and pattern | choosing fabric for a quilt

Last night I finished this quilt, and as I was admiring the fabric I remembered that there had been others in the running. I thought it would be fun to share my other favorite pattern and print combination here before I post about the actual finished quilt. The mama whose baby will own this quilt wanted something a little more subdued than the above fabrics, but I still love them and might just have to purchase some of that elephant fabric for my stash. There are some interesting ways to ensure you have a good mix of fabrics (maybe I'll have to write a post on that some day, would you be interested?) when designing a quilt, but lots of times I just go with the ones I love, like bold graphics, bright colors, and whimsical animal prints. Which one is your favorite?

(Sadly, I can't find the dot print for sale anymore. Anyone have any leads?)

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