Friday, October 19, 2012

hello weekend

Every year in October I'm reminded of how much I love living in New England. Oak leaves have been swirling at our side door for days and I'm actually looking forward to raking them up so Ezra can jump in them soon. Besides some yard work, this weekend I hope to visit the carnival that's in town (we didn't end up getting there last weekend), make a batch of peach basil jam, and go to a joint birthday party for two of my little cousins. How are you spending yours?

- PSA: you can now purchase prints from blueflash! (My favorite is the farm house.)
- I firmly believe that one can never have two many cheese cracker recipes
- this house is always in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie
- love the use of big dot fabric as a quilt back
- is meeting Martha on your life list?
- what mama says made me smile
- wish this patisserie was located in Rhode Island!

Wow, that seems like a shorter list than usual. I guess it was slim pickings around the internet this week! Did you find anything cool out there in the blogosphere?

image via design seeds

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  1. I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend but, as the weather was around 85 degrees, it didn't feel very fall-like. I hope y'all had a good weekend!


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