Thursday, October 11, 2012

A & L Co. | world's best sugar scrub

Ever since middle school I have been obsessed with shower scrub. The first time I used one I was at my cousin's house and I just used whatever products were in the shower and I remember thinking something along the lines of, "why they heck are there miniature rocks in this shower gel?" I soon realized their purpose when I emerged from the shower with super soft skin. Since then I've tried various scrubs, never really committing to a brand or scent, but with my new discovery of A&L Co. products it's safe to say I've found a keeper.

A&L Co. sugar scrub is part of a line of organic and chemical free skin care products, so I was excited to see how it measured up to the drugstore products and specialty store brands I was used to. Let me just say that when my (adorable quilted) 4 ounce jar was empty I immediately wanted more. The lemon ginger scent was refreshing rather than overpowering, and the amount of oil in the scrub seemed to be perfect. I don't know about you, but I've used some scrubs that leave your skin so slick it's hard to remain standing. After rinsing, my skin was smooth and soft, a nice improvement from the dry skin I'd been dealing with since the weather turned cool. 

If you're looking for skin care products that will make you look and feel great, I highly recommend checking out A&L Co. I also have a lip balm that smells just like fall (it's scented like chai tea!), and I can't wait to try the new ginger stick. Have you had a positive experience with organic or chemical free skincare?

Disclosure: A&L Co. provided me with this product for the purpose of providing a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nice photos. Did you take them yourself or just forget to credit the photographer?

  2. Love this!! Thank you so much I really appreciate at it! The photos are amazing!! :)


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