Monday, July 2, 2012

sleeping under the stars | summer camp out essentials

Every year Matt and I go camping for three nights in July with a big group of friends and this year is no different. It's our fourth year going and I have packing down to a science, especially since we started out just preparing for the two of us and now we have a toddler to pack for, too. Here are my summer camp out essentials... 

sunblock - a necessity for blocking out those rays when you're out rowing a canoe on the lake
hoodie - for huddling by the fire on cool summer nights
sunglasses - to shade your peepers from the harsh light 
cast iron skillet - preferably old and seasoned, perfect for early morning fried eggs and potatoes 
camp stool - somewhere to park your hiney at the campsite
water bottle - fill it up at a nearby spigot to stay hydrated
bocce ball set - for the annual bocce ball tournament

What are your camping must haves?

P.S. I love this tent illustration by Scout's Honor Co.


  1. you forgot something - a quilt!

  2. I really like that folding stool. It'd be perfect as a nightstand too - I'd just have to have a floor lamp instead


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