Tuesday, July 17, 2012

look cute while cleaning | DIY embellished rubber gloves

A few years ago I received a pair of fancy rubber gloves as a favor at my friend's bridal shower. Ever since then I've always felt glamorous when I wash the dishes or scrub the bathtub. Okay, not quite glamorous but wearing my beribonned gloves does make the chores less taxing. When some new friends moved into the area I decided I wanted to embellish a pair of gloves to give as a housewarming gift. When you buy a house the cleaning seems to be never-ending... trying to rid the place of all that accumulated dirt and grime (especially difficult when you have a toddler underfoot!) might be a little more bearable when you're wearing a pair of these babies. Here's how to make your own pair, to give or to keep for yourself...

What you need: plain rubber gloves, various coordinating ribbons or fabric scraps, coordinating thread, a sewing machine (or needle and thread for the stoic!), patience

First choose a pair of gloves (I picked up this nice blue and white pair at Target) and the ribbons you want to spice up the gloves with. Cut each ribbon to about one foot in length to give yourself some wiggle room. Play around with the placement to determine where each ribbon will lay on the glove. Once you've decided on an arrangement you can move to the sewing machine.

Begin by sewing one ribbon to another. I started by sewing the yellow satin ribbon to the blue grosgrain because I knew I wanted the white lace piece to partially cover the yellow...

Next I sewed the white lace trim to the blue grosgrain, making sure to cover a little less than half of the yellow ribbon.

Finally, I attached the light blue ric rac to the opposite side of the blue grosgrain.

Now to attach the ribbon to the glove! Center the ribbon on top of the glove and turn it all over, holding the ribbon secure as you turn the glove to keep it in place.

Eyeball where the two ends will meet up and trim some excess. The ends of the ribbon should still overlap.

Just make sure to leave about an inch on each side so you can create a finished seam!

Grab one end of the ribbon, fold it in about a half inch, and finger press.

Do the same to the opposite end, and pull the two ends in to the middle of the glove so they meet without overlapping. I rarely use pins because I'm lazy and want to avoid the extra step, but it may be helpful to pin the folds in place at this point.

Take the ribbon off the glove and stitch the fold down on each end of the ribbon so it appears to be finished on each side.

Choose where along the ribbon you will stitch to the glove. I sewed down the center of the grosgrain ribbon. Now for the hard part: sewing ribbon onto rubber. If you have an experience similar to mine then the glove will not want to move. I probably could have used a walking foot or performed some other clever sewing machine trick but I just dealt with it and things turned out fine. If you haven't realized it by now, this project is not for the perfectionist type. Also, a word to the wise: make sure the part of the glove that you are not sewing the ribbon to is out of the way! Using a seam ripper on a rubber glove is not easy and not always successful.

Start by sewing one end of the ribbon to the center of the underside of the glove and continue sewing until you reach the other end. Tug and pull the glove as you go if you need to. And don't forget to back stitch!

You're almost done! The ribbon is attached to the glove but it's not completely secured along the edges.

Sew a quick stitch along each end and trim the threads that are straggling every which way.

Pair with a pretty bottle of soap and gift away!


  1. you are cleaning in style....i would be afraid i would get something gross on my pretty gloves

  2. That is definitely more work that I put into cleaning! Have you tried the more "custom" fit cleaning gloves that are purple? I'm a big fan of those, as I have freakishly tiny hands

  3. I love it when girls “girlify” ordinary things. :) It must be absurd for men, but hey, they look fascinating! Cleaning is not a very likable task, you know. At least with those glam gloves, you won’t feel all dirty and unsightly at all. :D

    Malinda Chaudhry


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