Thursday, July 19, 2012

if you can't take the heat... | what to cook when it's hot out

Lately it's been so hot I can't bear the idea of cooking anything. I've been craving lots of cool refreshing salads but I've been stuck in a rut - same 'ol lettuce and veggies with the occasional sliced apple on top. So imagine my delight when I came across the food blog Cookie + Kate (via A Cup of Jo) yesterday! After browsing the site I've come away with sooo many new recipes to try! Here are a few salads (all with minimal kitchen time!) that look tempting to me...

I'm curious... what do you do for dinner when you don't want to stand over the stove? Make sandwiches? Order in? Let me know!

all images courtesy of Cookie + Kate


  1. we love to grill. and the added bonus, no pots & pans to wash.
    burgers are a go to.
    we've also been having salads, when it is really hot we dont feel too hungry

  2. mmmm the arugula and goat cheese pasta salad looks AMAZING! I love eating chicken salad sandwiches and veggie/fruit juice from bolthouse farms when it's hot out :) chicken salad is always my go-to when it's hot. and fresh fruit :)

  3. We have a panini grill and we usually do grilled cheese sandwiches. They are easy, fast and delicious!


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