Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Stripe | dinner at Wayland Square

Let me begin this post by saying that Matt and I don't often eat out spontaneously. However, sometimes I have days when I already went to the grocery store. Twice. And I still don't have everything I need to make dinner. The reason for this is unclear. Also, on these days (they occur about once every two to three months) I have no ingredients in the "pantry" (also known as the hall closet) that I can turn into a meal. This leads to me texting Matt something along the lines of: "either we go out to eat tonight or we're not eating." Eating dinner is a priority for Matt, and he prefers to do it as soon as possible when he gets home. Last Monday was one of those days. We went to Red Stripe at Wayland Square.
We'd been there once before but Matt's memory was hazy so I was excited to reintroduce him to the restaurant. It's definitely what I would call a nice restaurant, but it's one you can take your toddler to. Trust me. They have high chairs and even a mini menu for the little folks. We started out with a couple appetizers - sweet potato latkes and an iceberg wedge waldorf salad. Both excellent. I think Ezra ate more of the latkes than I did.
Dinner was grilled cheese with roasted tomato soup for me and sesame crusted tuna for Matt. I couldn't get enough of the soup. Seriously had to stop myself from licking the bowl clean. Luckily the sandwich helped me sop up all the tomato-y goodness.
Here's Ezra smiling because he knows we're getting dessert next. Okay, I doubt he actually understood that dessert was on its way, but this is what he does if you tell him to smile. He squeezes his eyes shut as tightly as he possibly can. I love it.
Now it was my turn to smile...
Hello molten chocolate lava cake.

Matt got a brownie pie sundae. Don't be fooled by the photo - it was enormous. We easily could have shared one of these babies for our end-of-the-meal sweet treat, and that's coming from someone who is loathe to give up even one lick of an ice cream cone.  

Definitely a great place to eat out on a spur-of-the-moment type night, or any night for that matter.

top image by Public Image Photography for Red Stripe, all other images by me


  1. What a fun night! That molten lava cake looks amazing!

  2. Looks so good! Some nights I just can't get my act together with dinner, either - I need to do this the next time : )


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