Wednesday, May 9, 2012

tissue paper poms // a photo tutorial

A while back when I posted the photos of Ezra's nursery several of you asked for a tutorial for making his wall of poms. The first time I made poms was for our wedding in 2008 using Martha's tutorial and I've made them countless times since (for Laura and Ed's wedding, as gift toppers, for Ezra's first birthday party, and for Ari's shower). They're pretty much a party standard around here because they're so simple to make. The biggest difference between the floating poms and the wall poms is that one side remains unfluffed. Keep reading to see my modified version of how to make tissue paper pom poms as wall art...

1. Begin by stacking layers of tissue paper on top of one another. Here I used ten sheets.
2. Fold the stack in one inch increments, accordion style...

To do this, fold on one side, then flip the stack over and fold in the opposite direction, like so - 

3. Once you've finished folding, find the middle of the folded paper and staple an 'X' to secure.

4. Trim the ends into your desired shape. I prefer to cut them into points, but you might try a rounded end or leave them as is.

5. Spread the folds out with your fingers and carefully pull out one layer of tissue paper at a time, separating the layers and fluffing them as you go.

I fluff one side and then do the other side, but you might want to alternate. Either way, you'll end up with the same look. 

6. Give your pom a once over to make sure it looks round and full on all sides, adjusting the tissue paper layers if you need to.

7. Flip your pom over and you'll see that the bottom is flat. This allows you to attach the pom to a surface to create wall art of some sort, like the piece over the windows in Ezra's room.

Many thanks to Matt for setting up his camera and tripod to help me with these photos. And yes, I am wearing my pajamas. Tomorrow I'll share how I put the poms to use as a welcoming spring time wall decoration in our breezeway. Until then...


  1. love this! so simple and easy to do :) haha and I totally was wondering if anyone else would notice your pajamas - glad you let us know that you know we would know :P

  2. i had no idea these were so easy! i may just have to make some for the next PVD Lady Project :)

    1. Great idea! If you decide to make some let me know - I'll help you out!


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