Thursday, May 10, 2012

framed tissue paper poms // DIY wall decor

Good morning! The sun is finally shining in Rhode Island so it's automatically a good day around here. I'm back with the tutorial on making your own wall art with tissue paper poms, but let me begin by saying that I use the word 'tutorial' very loosely. First, gather your materials: tissue paper poms poms (see my tutorial here), a piece of cardboard to fit the area you wish to decorate, and a hot glue gun. If you choose to create something like Ezra's window treatment, just roughly cut the cardboard as the fluffy edges of the poms will hide any imperfections. If you'll be framing the poms as I do here, cut the cardboard to the exact size of the frame opening, but a little (and I mean little) bigger is okay. Either way, it's a good idea to place the pom poms on the cardboard to get an idea of how you'll attach them before you begin gluing. 

Now for the hard part. Heat up the hot glue gun. Once it has reached the right temperature pull the trigger and squeeze a squiggle of glue onto the center of the bottom of the pom. Quickly place the pom on the cardboard where you would like it. Hold it in place until the glue is somewhat hardened. If you pull the pom away from the cardboard it should stay put. Repeat with the other poms. Now fluff!

Push the pom-covered cardboard into the frame from the front and it should stay. If there's a little extra cardboard along some of the edges just force it through the frame opening. This will actually help it stay in place. Cross your fingers that it does. Mine did.

Pat yourself on the back for completing a piece of art that's absolutely perfect for welcoming your mom and mother-in-law to brunch on Sunday. Then bandage up the finger you burned on the hot glue.

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