Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY: cork & chalk inspiration boards

A stack of magazine clippings, odd ribbon scraps, and other treasures of mine had been collecting in a pile on one of the shelves of my craft room and I realized I needed some where to display them. I had been wanting to hang some sort of inspiration board for a while and then, while doing laundry one day, it dawned on me that we had a couple of old window frames in the basement that I could enlist for service. 

I cleaned them up and Matt painted them, and I cut cork to fit the screened window frame and he painted the window panes of the other one with chalkboard paint. In order to attach the cork to the screen, I had Matt cut a piece of plywood to fit the back and then hot glued the cork through the screen onto the wood. And voilá!

I immediately tacked up all my magazine clippings, some graphics designed by our friend Matt, a Tibetan prayer flag that came with some junk mail about a week ago, a Christmas card from my Aunt Kathi, and a little metal coin.

The chalkboard is the perfect place for my sewing 'to do' list, and what do you know - it looks like I can even check off item number two! It's so nice to finally have a place to display all my favorite illustrations, photos, and odd bits of my life that I've collected. Do you have an inspiration board? 


  1. Nice work. Ever hear of Tons of "how tos" there from food to tech. I've used it for a bunch of projects at home.

  2. I love this project: it's very creative and practical! I'd like to do something like this for my home now. =)


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