Wednesday, May 30, 2012

dinner at rue de l'espoir // the birthday celebration continues

A few months ago our church began a prayer group within our Sunday school class called "secret prayer sisters." Women who wanted to join were randomly assigned another woman in the group and told to keep her name a secret. We were to pray for our new 'sister' daily, send her a card of encouragement at least once a month, and make sure to remember her special days, like her birthday and anniversary. I was assigned my friend Kelli so I began praying for her and her family. My secret sister also prayed faithfully for me, and over the next six months (the group began in September and ended in March) I received little treats every know and then - a bouquet of sunflowers, a gigantic bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and gourmet popcorn kernels! After the big reveal, I learned that my secret sister was Amanda, a girl I had grown up with in church. Since my birthday didn't fall within the six months of the secret prayer sister group, she sweetly suggested that we go out to dinner in May. 
We went to Rue De L'Espoir on Hope Street and once again I forgot to take any photos of our food. Amanda ordered the butternut squash and forest mushroom ravioli with brown butter sauce and I had the a quiche with asparagus, sweet onions, and squash along with a side salad. The quiche was definitely the best I've ever had - the vegetables were tender and the egg was light and fluffy. My side salad was garnished with what I think must have been pepitas, and they added a nice nutty flavor and crunch. By the time dessert arrived (crème brûlée! turtle cheesecake!) I realized I hadn't taken any pictures so I did snap a few then, but the images came out so dark and grainy I won't bother sharing. So instead, here is a picture of Ezra waiting on the bench outside the restaurant as we waited for Amanda to arrive. 
We had beautiful weather, pleasant company, and excellent food - it was an all around great night. Thanks so much, Amanda! xo.


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    1. Thanks! I just got them at Target - on clearance for about $10!


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