Tuesday, April 3, 2012

shop: Lauren Blais

(image by Alyssa Greenberg for Lauren Blais)

Looking for a piece of jewelry that also functions as art? I've been looking for new jewelry lately... I don't know why, I just have a craving for pretty baubles I guess. And it helps that I just cleaned out my jewelry box so there's lots of room for new additions! One of my high school classmates designs jewelry and I've been drooling over some of her pieces. Her name is Lauren Blais and she's a Massachusetts College of Art and Design graduate who draws inspiration from her past and history, especially Victorian mourning jewelry, in her work. Lauren crafts her pieces out of precious metals and uses high quality gemstones and raw minerals as accents. She often incorporates unusual materials like fur, snakeskin, and exotic leather into her designs. My favorite designs are the ones with bows, especially this necklace.

Isn't her work beautiful? Lauren's dark yet delicate jewelry is available here in her shop and on etsy. Visit Lauren Blais for more information about the artist.

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