Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY // a jewelry display frame

For years I've allowed jewelry to collect on my bureau, both gathering dust and inexplicably tying itself in knots while I'm sleeping, I'm sure. I finally decided to do something about it and put an old frame to use in the process. Read on for a full tutorial on how to put together your own jewelry display frame...

What you need: a frame without the glass, cork, fabric, a stapler and staples, and push pins, and possibly some sort of craft glue/hot glue/liquid adhesive

What to do:
First, measure the opening of the back of the frame so you know what size cork you'll need. The rear opening on my frame measured 10" x 14". Now cut the cork to fit the frame:  

I purchased a package of four 12" square cork tiles at Target (it set me back about $5), so I needed to trim two inches off the width and add two inches to the height. You may find it helpful to score the cork with a utility knife first, and then cut along the score mark with scissors. 

In order to add a piece of cork to the top I trimmed a length from one of the other cork tiles using the same method.

At this point, check to make sure the cork fits inside the frame from behind.

Craft glue is a simple way to bond the two pieces of cork together. I waited a few hours to allow it to dry. (Hot glue would have been faster but I wanted to ensure that there wouldn't be any bumpy spots along the seam.) 

Now lay your fabric down on a surface (make sure you have a piece a little larger than your finished piece of cork, and don't forget to iron!) and place the cork on top of the fabric. 

Pull the fabric tightly around the edges of the cork and begin stapling. I knew my staples would be hidden by the face of the frame, but I still spaced the staples evenly. Just something to consider.

Continue along one side, pulling the fabric taut as you go. Yeah, I'm not good at ironing.

Move on to the opposite side to ensure a snug fit, pulling the fabric taut and stapling along the edge again.

Once the first two sides are completed, move on to the corners. Simply fold and tuck until you're happy with the look, and staple once more.

I found it easiest to work on one one corner and then staple across the side until the next corner.

Repeat the process on all sides.

Place the fabric covered cork inside the frame...

...and flip it over to view your masterpiece. Your frame is now ready to hang. (Actually, mine wasn't - Matt attached a sawtooth hanger and then we were good to go.)

Next step - get yourself some fancy push pins and hang up your jewels!

Your new jewelry organizer doubles as wall art. It's a beautiful thing, don't you think?

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