Tuesday, March 20, 2012

shop local: Kreatelier

Visiting Hope Street in Providence, Rhode Island is a real treat for many reasons - bakeries selling freshly made baguettes, Festival Ballet, and creatively curated shops among them. Kreatelier is one such shop.  Filled with handmade accessories, bags, gift wrap, and home goods, Kreatelier is a treasure trove of textiles. Owners Pernilla Frazier and Line Daems carefully select the handmade items sold at  Kreatelier, which are made in-house, by local artists, or by other creative companies.  Kreatelier is also a place where adults and children can learn about working with textiles in workshops hosted there and taught by local artists.     

Visit Kreatelier for more information about the shop or to sign up for one of their workshops

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  1. Hi Tara. What a delight to find your blog via Kreatelier's website! I live in Providence and just spent the last half hour or so looking through your previous posts. How fun to see so many of my usual haunts :)


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