Thursday, March 15, 2012

bow ties and a baby boy // Karissa's shower

Yesterday I wrote about the quilt I made for my friend Karissa's baby boy. I gave it to her at her shower which was held over the weekend. Everything was bright and cheerful right down to the napkins! 
The quilt waiting to be discovered in its unassuming brown paper bag....

Karissa's sister organized a few games for the guests to play at the shower, including one where you had to guess how big Karissa's belly was... I was off by several inches. We also played The Price is Right and Bingo. I lost at both. Apparently last Saturday was not my lucky day.

Hanging up along with some baby pictures of Stan and Karissa were some of the shots Matt took for their maternity shoot two weekends ago.

And then there were cupcakes, always cupcakes. A friend of Karissa's made these cute bow tie topped treats.

I insisted on taking a photo of Ari and Karissa together like I did at Ari's shower, but apparently the angle of that other one was unacceptable so Ari schooled me and we ended up with this shot... much more flattering.

Such cute bellies!

Karissa opened the quilt towards the end of the shower so I was on pins and needles almost the whole time. I think she likes it :)

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