Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy mail // lovely indeed

Isn't mail the best? Not the endless stack of unwanted flyers and bills, but mail that deserves to be mailed. A couple weeks ago Chelsea of Lovely Indeed said she was going to send a little something to her readers so I signed up, but soon forgot about it.

Then when I discovered a bright orange envelope from New York in our mailbox I remembered and giddily tore open the envelope. Apparently it's the little things that excite me.

Along with a few business cards, Chelsea included a green glittery clothespin. And there were sequins! Is it unusual that I saved them? I could use five gold sequins in a future project!

 Also. I saved the bakers twine the cards were tied with, but I promise I'm going to use it!

And finally, there were stickers with lovely phrases printed on them. Now I must decide where to stick them, and it must be somewhere out of Ezra's reach (see item no. 2 here).

If you haven't already, visit Lovely Indeed for a daily dose of inspiration.

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