Tuesday, February 7, 2012

gifts for the girl / a Valentine's Day wish list

Last week I gave you some date night ideas for getting your romance on this Valentine's Day, and today I have some gift ideas to share. Girls really do love jewelry and chocolate, and while they may be cliché, they still make great Valentine's Day gifts, at least according to me. I would be more than happy to receive any and all of the following from my husband. Ahem.




Are you as subtle as I am when gift-giving holidays roll around? My hints are usually stealthy and consist of emails with the words "I want this" followed by a link.


  1. these kind of gifts are so perfect! right up my alley. have you seen the new waveform rings?

    they are the wavelengths of you and yours saying "i do" or whatever else you want to say. COOL!!

    1. I haven't seen those and will definitely have to check them out!

  2. also- i have an idea for you and i. email me.

  3. Love the Stella and Dot necklace. Jac over at The Bishops Wife sent me!

    Cute Blog!


  4. wow....i love the necklace.....and the chocolate!!! :)

  5. mmmm sea-salted chocolate is SO GOOD.


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