Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tazza / lunch in the city

We're still enjoying some unseasonably warm(ish) weather here in Rhode Island, so my friend Amanda and I took advantage of it and went shopping on Westminster Street last week. She wanted to check out Craftland where we were able to see lots of handmade goods. Full disclosure: we didn't buy anything because we decided we could make any of the items we liked. However, we admired lots of things and found loads of inspiration. After we wrapped up our tour of Craftland we decided to break for lunch. Our original plan was to visit Farmstead, but we found out that they closed their downcity location so we were looking for other options. I had been to tazza before, which is just across the street, and they've had the whole place renovated, hired a new chef, and created a new menu. We decided to give it a shot. 
Amanda and I dorkily ordered the same exact thing - the warm roasted apple and brie baguette with arugula and walnut rosemary mustard, and there is only one word for it: incredible. I'm definitely going to try to recreate it at home. Check out the lunch menu here
We each followed up with a tiny salted chocolate treat for dessert, and Amanda's daughter Amelie enjoyed a raspberry macaron. 
(Speaking of macarons, I don't know if I'm going to be able to complete by twelve by 2012 list!) Anyway, I'll definitely be dining at tazza in the future. The brunch menu is especially tempting. In fact, I could go for the shrimp and grits right now.

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