Tuesday, December 27, 2011

recap: Christmas Eve

Although I know there are more important and meaningful things to consider, this year my favorite part of Christmas Eve was Ezra's outfit. He wore a bow tie, for crying out loud! (Thanks, Laura!)  
With his already flyaway hair charged with static electricity he looked like the mad professor. Now if only I could dress Matt, too...
Ezra spent much of the night banging away on his great-grandmother's piano. The kid doesn't even need to read music.
He spent the rest of the night handing clementines to unsuspecting family members to peel for him. Note the bulging cheeks. 
To top off the photo sharing, here's a self-portrait of me and Matt. Can I say self-portrait if I'm not the only one in the photo? I'm saying it. Heck, I already said it. Hope your Christmas was lovely! I'll share more photos of Christmas events later on this week.
Ezra's outfit: collared shirt from Crazy 8 / chinos from The Children's Place / Chuck Taylors by Converse from Marshalls / bow tie from Crew Cuts

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  1. Can Ezra get anymore cuter?? I don't think so! :)
    And you and Matt make a cute couple! :)


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