Monday, December 5, 2011

at the wintertime farmers market

After months of being spoiled by lots of trips to the local farmers markets around Rhode Island, I found myself very disappointed with the grocery store offerings. A trip to the wintertime market was definitely in order.  
The market is open on Saturday mornings from 10 am - 1 pm and on Wednesdays from 4 pm - 7 pm. Ezra and I went on Saturday when Matt was busy working on a project.
If Ezra could talk I'm sure he would tell me that his favorite part about the market is all the free samples. I think he had three apple slices while we were there. I know it was at least a couple because I ended up with a considerable amount of apple skin stuck to my tee shirt. 
We left with lots of yummy stuff from Wishing Stone Farm, including carrots, red potatoes, and at least five pounds of yellow onions. It was a bit much for me to carry since I had Ezra in a sling on one hip and my grocery bag slung over my opposite shoulder, but we managed to make it back down the long hall and out the door in one piece. 
Our loot was/will be turned into turkey pot pie and French onion soup. That's what the five plus pounds of onions was for. I'll admit I'm dreading the endless slicing that will result in near-endless crying. Any tips?


  1. I've heard that wearing swim goggles helps with the crying while slicing onions. Hope it helps.

  2. Try the slicing blade of a food processor! That's what I use for soup-making

  3. Holding an unlit match (sulfur end out) between your teeth while chopping onions minimizes the tears and stings :)


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