Wednesday, December 14, 2011

at Craftland

Yesterday I mentioned that I went to Craftland, a great shop on Westminster Street in Providence. If you're looking for locally made handmade goods you must go, or go if you just want a visual treat because nearly everything for sale is beautiful in some way.
Even the window display is beautiful...
I loved the yarn pom poms hanging from the ceiling in the window. Something similar would make a great baby mobile, funky chandelier, or pretty party decor. Now for some of my favorite things in the store- 
poppy pins- I want to make some of my own
a Lil' Rhody pillow - I love RI themed things
sock monkeys - after seeing these and this one I want one to call my own- I mean - to call Ezra's
pretty pins - these are almost useless but I have an addiction to them
this clipboard makes me feel better
and an ampersand that I want really really badly


  1. This place looks amazing!!

  2. I need to try to get up there before Christmas. We love the little pins, too. I bought a handful last year and put them in stockings. I just found the monster one that says I love Math!

  3. this looks like the kind of place i could get lost in for hours....i love that ampersand....and as useless as buttons are they seem like so much fun. Everyone needs a little flair!!

  4. Oooh I love stores like that! I'm sure we have tons in Chicago, but I don't know where. I love the hanging yarn pom poms. Too cute.


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