Tuesday, November 15, 2011

spaghetti squash & a snack

Recently we had roasted spaghetti squash for dinner. One half was savory - vegetable broth, Italian herbs, and grated Pecorino Romano (mmm... salty). One half was sweet - vegetable broth (I know, not really sweet, but it worked), cinnamon, honey, and butter.
I had to scoop out all the seeds to make room for the filling but I didn't want to toss them.
I figured I could roast the seeds, too, just like pumpkin seeds. What's the difference, really?
They came out perfectly toasted and deliciously salty. Side note: do you like my pot holder? My cousin's daughter Kennah made it for me when we first moved in our house a little over three years ago. It's my favorite pot holder.
This tasty little pile of spaghetti squash seeds quickly turned into...
this sad looking empty-ish dish and napkin strewn with seeds. They were gone before the squash was out of the oven. Guess I just have to make some more!

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