Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just B. you

Have you seen the line of B. toys? I first discovered them when my friend Amanda bought her daughter this meowsic keyboard (the keys 'meow' - so funny!), and then I spotted them again when Matt and I were registering for my baby shower. Ezra just got a few of their toys for his birthday and he's having a blast with them. Our friends Mike & Jackie and their kids Jake & Eve got Ezra the one two squeeze blocks (pictured above)... they're absolutely perfect for babies - textured, squishy, squeaky, bright, soft, and stackable. Oh, and I forgot throwable. Very high on the list of baby priorities. 
Our friends John & Rachel got Ezra the parum pum pum drum and he's  already obsessed with the egg shakers and (of course) the drumsticks.
Our friends Shaun & Ashley and their kids Ava & Levi got Ezra the Hellophone. Everything is a phone to Ezra so I'm glad he finally has one to call his own. That means a lot less accidental texting from me and less drool on my keys. The colors of B. toys are so unexpected and I love the clever name each toy is given.  Target has a great selection so they're available at my favorite store, but the best part about B. toys is that they a.) are nice to the earth and b.) are nice to children. I don't know of another children's toy company that is so socially responsible and affordable. B. gets an A in my book.

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