Wednesday, November 23, 2011

for the love of rustic poptarts

Ahh, breakfast, you are my least favorite meal of the day.  You are often hurried and rarely satisfying, but I think I found a way to make you enjoyable.  Pop tarts, enter stage left.  And no, I don't mean the kind that come two to a silvery sleeve.

The flaky, buttery crust was a savory complement to the sweet homemade strawberry rhubarb jam inside. Once again, a yummy breakfast rescues my morning from the pit of despair, when I usually find myself contemplatingwhich is worse: buttered toast or plain oatmeal. Now if only homemade pop tarts weren't so labor-intensive...
(recipe from Bon Appetit)


  1. Plain oatmeal? Nevahhh!
    How about some brown suger on top?
    Or berries stirred in?
    Better yet - my new favorite at Classic Cafe in Providence (my own creation that the cook allows): Grits with blue cheese and bacon! To die for! While those poptarts of yours DO look AWESOMELY yummo - if looking for a savory instead - try the grits! Much easier to make and equally YUMMO! : ) (though I sincerely doubt Ezra would like them - but one never knows!)

  2. These look incredibly amazing. Thank you for linking to the recipe!


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