Monday, October 17, 2011

lunch at Seven Stars / the picnic that wasn't

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Rhode Island... the most perfect fall temperatures and a nice mix of wind and showers made for a very cozy experience. We ate brownies straight out of the oven, I finished a quilt for my friend Ashley's baby boy (who has yet to make his debut), and we had what I pretended was a picnic with lunch from Seven Stars. I say pretended because Matt decided -at the last minute- that Hope Street was an unsatisfactory location for the engagement shoot he was doing later on, so we spent our picnic time driving around Providence looking for somewhere better. Our picnic took place in the car, and we ended up on Benefit Street.  
Regardless, my vegetarian sandwich was delicious, as usual, with the perfect ratio of tapenade to mozzarella.
We shared a chocolate croissant...
and a chocolate chip cookie. I can never say no to chocolate. Never.
Matt was unsatisfied with the options and rather than having lunch meat or peanut butter & jam he opted for a sourdough loaf, which Ezra enjoyed as well. I want to go back already. Anyone care to join me?


  1. Oh, such yummy goodness. Can't go wrong with any of the options :)


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