Thursday, October 13, 2011

goodbye tea lemonade

Since it's officially not summer anymore (tear) I decided it's time to retire my homemade passion tea lemonade until next year.
I'll miss the perfect flavors of Tazo's hibiscus, citrus, rose hips, mango, and passion fruit combined with fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with agave nectar. OK, I'm kidding... I don't have a palate refined enough to distinguish hibiscus from rose hips or even to identify them on their own. But I will miss this most refreshing beverage. Now we're on to hot apple cider (it's the best from Jaswell's) and steaming mugs of wild raspberry tea.
With that thought, maybe I won't miss the cold drink so much.  See you next spring, tea lemonade!


  1. I make sun tea in the summer, four tea bags in a large jug and let sit in the sun for a few hours....yum with lemon. yes, it is the end of summer.

  2. I just bought this tea today, can't wait to try it!


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