Thursday, August 4, 2011

vegetarian week

Last week Matt and I decided to be temporary vegetarians so I planned my weekly dinner menu accordingly.  It was easy to do since our friends the Gambles has given us three giant bags of vegetables from their garden so we had a large supply of eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, red and yellow onions, red and yellow potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and beets, and I'm probably leaving some things out.  (Side note: I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to correct the order of the photos that Blogger so kindly disorganized while uploading.)
First up was a dish of spaghetti with zucchini ribbons in a basil almond pesto sauce.  I adapted the recipe from one included in Molly Wizenberg's book, A Homemade Life.
On the second night I made grilled vegetable panini with steamed beets and a simple romaine salad.  I picked up the recipe from Whole Foods after checking out one day.  Seriously, panini are the best in all seasons.  I love my griddler to death.
Midweek we had lo mein with sauteed cabbage, definitely the least appetizing looking meal of the bunch.  I just cooked the lo mein according to the package directions and half sauteed and half steamed the cabbage, sans recipe.  It was surprisingly tasty.
Finally, the finale (if you're wondering why the finale of a five day experiment is occurring after only four meals it's because we ate leftovers on Thursday) - grilled pizza!  Inspired by this post on the kitchn, I decided to try my hand at grilling.  I'd grilled pizza once before but it was a few years back so this was largely an experimental dinner.  We had invited a couple of friends over for dinner, but no one was able to come so, luckily, they didn't have to to suffer through my attempt at grilling while it was raining.  However, for an experiment the pizza turned out quite well thanks to Matt, who came to the rescue when he came home and discovered I only had one burner going with the gas barely turned on.
Here's Ezra enjoying... um, I'm not really sure which dinner this is from but he's eating a cucumber.  He ate everything else I made too, (he always does) but he gets all excited when I take my camera out so nearly every shot comes out blurry.
We made a few different kinds of pizza - grilled vegetables with pesto or with gravy (also known as marinara or tomato sauce if you're not married to an Italian from Cranston), and pineapple with mozzarella and gravy.  The veggie pesto was my favorite, for sure, with the pineapple coming in a close second.  
I declare vegetarian week a smashing success.  In fact, it was so successful that I made the zucchini noodles again over the weekend and we're having grilled pizza tomorrow, this time with friends.  Hopefully I remember how to turn on all three burners (no, not four, one is broken) and let the gas rip so the dough is fully cooked this time.  Topping preparation begins tonight!

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