Tuesday, August 2, 2011

celebrate the baby

Historic Greystone Lofts served as the location for Jaclyn's shower on Saturday and I think it's one of the best locations for a gathering I've seen lately.  The high ceilings and tall windows gave the room an expansive feel even though about fifty women were celebrating that day.  Here are some details from the day.  As usual, I wish I snapped more photos of the people who were there to honor Jaclyn, but for some reason once I start socializing all photography falls by the wayside.

cards that I downloaded from Jones Design served as a guestbook of sorts

 iced tea, water, and punch were served as refreshments

and this cute bird oversaw the punch pouring process (I was not the only one to spill my drink on the table)

fabric bunting (made by Jaclyn) decorated each window of the mill

 funky birds perched on each coffee table

a scrapbook that Jaclyn made for Mykenzie was floating around for the guests to look at... she included ultrasound shots, scripture, and letters to Mykenzie, among other things

 the dessert table was completely worthy of a magazine spread, very Amy Atlas

you can see my new gift wrap obsession (poms! and classic curly ribbon)

I gave Jaclyn three framed Ann Kelle prints to coordinate with Mykenzie's nursery

 along with a quilt, of course, that I'll share more about tomorrow
There were seven pregnant women at the shower and I took a few photos of them standing together, bellies protruding, but none of them came out very well so I'll save myself from their wrath and not include them here.  Celebrating Mykenzie was definitely the highlight of my weekend.  Now I'm looking forward to her arrival!


  1. What a beautiful quilt and such a sweet shower:)

  2. Darn. I was hoping to see a pic of the quilt I gave her. I must have one somewhere. That was a fun and beautiful shower. And so happy for the little family, three plus years later!


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