Wednesday, July 27, 2011

on the wall

Here's part three (see part one and part two) of the dining room wall additions: a duo of floating shelves on the wall opposite the kitchen.  I collected items from around the house, borrowing from the living room, craft room, storage closet, our bedroom, and crafting one new piece.
This bundle of dried lavender has been on my nightstand since we moved in, but lately it's been stuck behind a towering pile of books (I get a lot of reading done while breastfeeding Ezra).  I figured it was time to take it out of hiding.
My sister-in-law gave me this peacock feather right before Matt and I got married.  Recently I framed it in this distressed, gold frame.  It's been on a shelf in my craft room, but I thought it deserved a more public place.
Pottery Barn was carrying a lot of safari-themed items a few years ago at Christmas and I picked this guy up for under $10.  He'd been bearing the weight of a few bracelets on my bureau, but they were starting to cover him up entirely.  You can also see part of a little candle that was part of set from Crate & Barrel two years ago.
My friend Ondriana gave us this bowl as a housewarming gift along with some incense cones.  Now that the incense is burned away I wanted to display the pretty dish.
My dad took these keys from my grandmother's house after she passed away in 2005 and he gave them to me when I expressed an interest in them.  They've been packed in a little box since then, but I've been wanting to organize them into a collection.  I purchased a shadow box and finally decided to put it to use.  I covered the foam with an off-white linen, pierced ten holes with a straight pin (one on each side of each key, just below the round part on top), and threaded some thin wire around what I call the necks of the keys.  Then I simply twisted the wire together behind the foam to secure it.  I had two keys left over so I just laid them on the shelf below the shadow box.  
This little moss ball in the terra cotta pot was a favor at our friends' wedding.  There are seeds under the moss but I never planted them.  Plus, I like it as it is.
Some fresh flowers are on the left of the top shelf, but I'll replace them with three lavender roses that I'm currently drying.  
the view from above
I'm very happy with this little vignette now, but I look forward to switching things up with the seasons or as inspiration strikes.  

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