Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Locals

Have you heard of  It's a site where you can purchase certificates to restaurants (duh) for discounted prices.  Matt bought one recently for $4 and it was worth $50, however we had to spend $100 in order to use it.  It may not sound like it, but it's worth it.  You do the math.  Sometimes you can get them for $2, and the list of restaurants is frequently updated.  It has cheap date night written all over it.  Well, sometimes.
Last Friday we went to The Locals (located in North Providence at the Johnston end of Mineral Spring) with our friends Matt and Kayla.  Ezra tagged along as the fifth wheel.  The owners of The Locals make a sincere effort to source their ingredients locally and their finds are noted on the menu.  It was fun to know that I was eating beef from cows that were raised in the same town I was.  Everything (really, everything) was reasonably priced so we ended up ordering lots of food in order to reach our required $100.  Not a problem for me because that meant I got to taste lots and lots of yummy appetizers and entrees.  
We started off with two different kinds of salad - Caesar and one with roasted apples and feta atop "bistro greens," which looked suspiciously like mixed greens to me.  Next came some pesto naan, grilled cheese pizza (a pizza that was grilled, not a pizza topped with grilled cheese), sweet potato sliders and house-made coleslaw, and some baked red bliss potato chips with aioli dipping sauce.  All were delicious, especially the pesto naan and sweet potato sliders.
Our entrees were out quickly even though the restaurant was pretty full.  I had to take Ezra for a walk outside so he could get his act together after he finished flinging various pieces of food around (and ingesting a few along the way) so I missed getting a picture of Matt's BBQ sliders, but Kayla's butternut squash lasagna looked fantastic... 
Don't you agree?  It was served with a slice of garlic bread and some mixed greens.

Matt Welesko (hi!) and I both ordered the Black & Blue burger which was topped with artisan blue cheese and brown sugar bacon along with a side of macaroni & cheese and mixed greens.  We racked up the bill to $99.70 and therefore, unbelievably, didn't quite hit our goal of $100 so Kayla ordered a cup of tea.  We'll definitely be going back and I highly recommend The Locals if you're in the area... and even if you're not.

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