Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As I've mentioned lately, we've been trying to add some personality to the walls of our home.  My expensive taste combined with extreme pickiness often leaves me empty-handed when searching local shops for art to add to our collection so I've been on the lookout for more affordable options.
Inspired by a collection of images from a French calendar, we decided to create our own mini travel gallery with prints mounted on matboard.  
The images were all taken by Matt on our trip to Guatemala in August of 2009.  
After the prints were delivered, Matt affixed string to the backs with a hot glue gun (we're very professional over here) and then used some complicated math involving measuring angles to make sure they were hanging right.  This was necessary because he wasn't very precise when hot gluing the string to the backs of the prints (definitely don't use a hot glue gun on projects requiring precision).  Agreeing on which photographs to use took the longest and was the most difficult part of the whole project.  
I love how the black and white images look against the crisp color of the wall and how they're almost framed by the crown molding and chair rail.  Even better is that the images are special to us rather than simply torn from a mass-produced calendar, which was my original plan.  My favorite picture is the one of the ladies on the bottom left, but the chicken are a close second.   
P.S. See another recent DIY addition to our dining room here, and stay tuned tomorrow for another! 

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  1. they don't look aligned in the pictures, but trust me, they're dead on. i don't mess around.


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