Monday, July 25, 2011

cows, flowers, and ice cream

Let me begin by saying that the highlight of our Saturday trip to Buttonwood Farm was the ice cream.  Hands down.  And I think my friend MW would agree with me, am I right?
The highlight for Ezra may have been when he went toes to nose with one very large cow.  I can't be sure though, because he didn't express an opinion either way.
Fields of sunflowers seemed to go on as far as I could see.  They surrounded us as the tractor drove through the field, and bowed behind us (the driver was merciless and took some of the blooms down) as we passed by.
 And now for the best part.  Deliberation over my second flavor (the first, of course, was chocolate peanut butter cup) lasted for several minutes and I finally settled on chocolate cherry.  It may have been even better than the chocolate PB.  Maybe.  But only because it had whole cherries in it and the PB cups were just chunks.  
MW very sweetly bought a bouquet of sunflowers for his girlfriend Kayla who couldn't come with us (she was working).  She missed out on some good cones, but he took some of the fields home for her.

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