Wednesday, June 29, 2011

to market, to market

Remember last month when I wrote about the CSA we joined?  Well, we received some bad news about it a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the owner of the farm is experiencing some medical issues and will not be able to fulfill the shares this year.  It looks like instead of vegetables delivered to my door I'll be scouting out the local farmers' markets.  There are over forty-five in the state!  Yesterday afternoon I brought Ezra to Cranston's market, which is located at Whole Foods, only a couple miles away from our house.
It was on the smaller side compared to other local markets I've been to, but there was a lot of produce to choose from.  We went home with two large zucchini and two heads of garlic.
When we got home I put some water on to boil for pasta with garlic and sautéed zucchini.  It was delicious, if I may say so, and Ezra downed three or four slices of zucchini so I think he agreed.  Although I'm disappointed about the CSA, I'm excited to visit different markets in Rhode Island and find out about lots of farms and what's available in each region.  Next week I think we'll visit the market at Goddard Park.


  1. that is too bad about your CSA...i think ours is having some weather related issues.

  2. Looks delish! We go to the local market here every Friday and love it ;)

  3. So fun, I love farmer's markets!


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