Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Ezra's first Christmas was lovely - filled with friends, family, and lots of fun gifts for him to enjoy soon.  We started out the day at my parents' house and enjoyed a lovely breakfast with my family.  
This was the best of six photos taken with my camera's timer.  My mom and I are in the back and my dad, brother, Ezra, and Matt are in the front.  As if you couldn't figure that out.
My mom made a yummy broccoli and cheese quiche and jam-filled muffins with the jam we made over the summer.  I won't mention that the quiche dripped all over the oven and filled the house with smoke in a matter of minutes.  We enjoyed our meal regardless and had fun opening presents together.  
our feet surrounded by discarded giftwrap 
I gave my mom Elizabeth Hartman's book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork and am excited to borrow it once I start sewing again.   
Next we moved on to Matt's parents' house which was decorated beautifully for the big dinner that they usually host.  
Even with a new camera I did a terrible job documenting the day.  
Here's proof - one of two blurry photos I took of Ezra.  Aren't his Christmas pajamas funny?
Matt gave me my most favorite gift - a little gold ring with a lowercase 'e' on it from catbird.  I hope to fill up my right ring finger with more letters of the alphabet as we have more children, and I hope that your Christmas was as nice as mine!  

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