Monday, August 23, 2010

where in the world?

Ever since Matt and I bought our house in August of 2007 I've been saying that we need to get some things on the walls.  People come over and comment that I must be a minimalist while in reality I adore clutter and just can't find the right clutter to complement our home.  We have a handful of things hanging around the house including a couple of watercolors we bought while on our honeymoon in Italy, a set of great fork and spoon giraffes from our friend Elsa, a mirrored gold star, a framed card from my sister-in-law, a silver clock, and some wedding photos in the hallway leading to the second floor.  Oh, and a peacock feather that I have behind glass in a shadow box.  That's seven-ish pieces of wall decor in our entire house.  Some rooms are completely bare!  Anyway, one thing I would love to have in our living room is a world map (I like the one pictured above the best) where we could document our travels.  Jordan's friend and her husband show off their example of what I'm talking about here.  And just last week I saw this sweet scratch map (think lottery scratch ticket) on a cup of Jo - love it!  What do you think?   

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  1. I like the scratch map best - cool idea, and no pins for baby to swallow! Did you catch the nursing deer on "a cup of Jo?" Funny!


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