Monday, August 9, 2010

pick your own

I've always thought berry picking to be a lovely weekend pastime in the summer even though others may contend that visiting one's local grocery store is easier.  There's just something about stooping and/or squatting in the blazing sunshine in search of those perfectly shiny red berries and filling up your own basket (my favorites are by Longaberger) with sweet fruit that makes it worth it.  Perhaps not quite pleasant in 102° degree weather or afterwards when one deals with the effects of forgetting to wear sunblock (oops), but rewarding all the same.  This year my cousin Meghan and I vowed to pick all kinds of berries and fruits this summer and to store up a stash of homemade jams for our enjoyment throughout the winter months.  So far we've tackled strawberries at Jaswell's Farm in Smithfield, my hometown.  
We had the entire field to ourselves for a decent part of the morning as the season was drawing to a close and the strawberries were few and far between.  Two hours yielded two baskets of fruit which were to be put to use later in the evening.  More on that tomorrow...

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