Wednesday, August 4, 2010

knock knock

Have you ever heard of Knock Knock?  In Rhode Island you can find a limited selection of their products at OOP!, Pier 1 Imports, and The Curatorium, but do check out their website.  I know, it's super dorky, but I use the above pad (a Christmas gift from my mom last year) to plan our weekly meals and it is so helpful!  I spend about an hour per week looking through my favorite cookbooks, our recipe box, and my newest issue of Bon Appétit to fill in meals for the week.  There are even boxes labeled 'dine in' and 'dine out' to check off so I can record if we're going out to a friend's house or to a restaurant one night.  After my menu is complete I create a shopping list detailing all the ingredients I'll need that I don't already have on hand in the kitchen.  Simple and brainless, I know, but that hour saves me what probably amounts to hours of time wasted puzzling over what to make, going to the grocery store for an odd ingredient, and spilling stuff while I hustle to throw together an impromptu dinner.  In short, this notepad nearly saves my life...  OK, so I guess it just makes it a little easier, but it's awesome especially during the school year, and I'm sure it will help once the baby makes his debut.  Check out more products, including lots of other funny notepads, by Knock Knock here.


  1. love it! :) my mom does that too... but with out the fancy pad :P

  2. I saw this and thought of you! Not exactly a pad of paper- but a "pad of bibs" instead.
    I have never used them, don't know how I feel about them. But I was definitely intrigued!


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