Friday, July 9, 2010

in a tree

(image via Tickets to Disney)
Ever since I visited the Swiss Family Tree House in Disney's Magic Kingdom with my family when I was in the fourth grade I have wanted to live in a tree house.  With the recent 100°+ weather we've been having in Rhode Island I've been thinking it might not be such a bad idea to sleep outdoors when the air finally cools down, although I suppose a mosquito battle may occur.  If I can't live in a tree house I'd at least like to visit one.  I've found a few interesting options...    
Tree House Point in Washington offers attractive accommodations and meals made with locally grown foods.  
Wyoming's Teton Tree House is a bed and breakfast that offers a whimsical escape from reality with its four levels and maze of hallways.
The Grand Treehouse Resort in Arkansas looks to have the most luxurious accommodations of everything I've found.  
Another bed & breakfast, Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise in Oregon, is still accepting reservations for this summer!
Lastly, the world's largest treehouse in Tennessee has over 10,000 square feet of space (there's even a mini indoor basketball court!) but you can't spend the night - it's privately owned!  If these tree house resorts were closer I think they would make a nice weekend getaway right about now...  What about you?  Would you like to stay in a tree house for any length of time?    

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  1. I think I WOULD like to live in a treehouse, as long as the weather always cooperated as far as cold/hot. Some rain storms would be pretty cool, too, as long as no leaks! Could be very romantic, too!


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