Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm a closet sneaker addict

Have you seen these new Keds?  They're called Champion Spectators and they are my new shoe love.  I can picture myself wearing them to work with black dress pants and an oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled to my elbows and my hair held back with a tortoiseshell headband.  Available in black and berry (my personal preference), these babies can be found at Bloomingdale's.  Want to feast your eyes on another snazzy pair of sneakers?  Check out the Champion New Americana Stripe Sateen
These would be the perfect complement to my yellow summer khakis, a plain white v-neck, and a straw hat.  If I were dressed like that I would go blueberry picking and then ride home on a bicycle.  Perfect summer afternoon in my book.  Do you have a pair of favorite summer footwear?  Besides flip flips, of course...

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