Monday, July 26, 2010

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After more than a week of internet delinquency I'm finally back!  Our connection was down for a while and after about nine days when we discovered it was back to normal working capacity I discovered that I rather liked not being a slave to the computer and ceased blogging.  One might say I was lazy but it was a nice break and I'm glad to be back!  My apologies to any readers who were wondering where I disappeared to... I'll be back in full force this week, beginning with some photos from various events I've worked with local floral and event design house Stoneblossom as an event stylist.  I can't wait to see all the weddings and parties to be created this summer!
For a look at my most favorite wedding ever go here.  I worked alongside the groom all day not knowing he was the groom!  He was busy hanging artwork on a burlap covered frame he built himself in order to create an outdoor gallery at their beachfront Jamestown home for their wedding.  The Stoneblossom designers and set up team busily erected birch canopies woven with vines and hung with pretty votive holders to create a warm glow for the intimate reception.  Elegant centerpieces were placed on the tables alongside lanterns that glittered once candles were lit inside.  
Another favorite was held at belle mer, a stunning Newport venue (specifically on Goat Island) with an ocean view.  The bride and groom incorporated some personal details that I'm sure made the day very special for them and their guests.  The sunset that evening was beautiful and really made for an amazing transition from the ceremony to the reception.
Last but certainly not least I would like to share some imagery from the first wedding I ever worked on - a lavish celebration for a couple who make their home in both London and Ghana.  It was a very overwhelming first assignment and the largest team I've ever worked with to date, but I learned so much and was in awe of the creativity surrounding me.  The ceremony area, cocktail lounge, and reception "room" were all beautifully furnished with authentic African details brought to America by the bride.     
Do you see why I can't wait to start the season? 
Images from Southern New England Weddings and Stoneblossom.

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