Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Duck & Bunny

Birthday traditions are wonderful.  My friend Ari and I instated a tradition of taking each other out to fabulous restaurants to enjoy a meal together a year ago and it's something I always look forward to.  This year Ari took me to the Duck and Bunny on Wickenden Street to celebrate my 24th.  It's an adorable place and each of the three rooms is fabulously decorated by co-owner Jessica.  The first is my favorite - everything is black or white, marble topped tables are flanked by white leather banquettes studded with nail heads, and the floor is checkered.  The next room is more private as there is less seating available.  Also, it has zebra details - can't go wrong there.  The last room is set up like an English-style tea room with straight backed wooded chairs and classic paintings on the walls.  Look closely and you can find a duck or a bunny in each piece of artwork which is a playful addition to the formal room.  Picture Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring with a duck smiling back at you rather than a young girl.  After Ari and I settled into the third room we quickly made our dinner decisions.  We have very similar tastes and we're good sharers so we selected two entrées to split.   

The first was chosen based on the recommendation of Ari's mom who warned us that it sounded like a weird combination but was actually really yummy.  We took her word for it and ordered a special, the Ultimate New York System Crêpe.  It's described as an "R.I. classic re-imagined" - four weiners slathered in homemade meat sauce, topped with chopped onions, drizzled with yellow mustard, and sprinkled with celery salt.  It did not disappoint!  

Our second choice was the PB&B, a sandwich stuffed with peanut butter and banana and drizzled with honey on toasted Portuguese sweet bread
.  Delicious on its own, I'm sure, but Ari and I decided to go for the Full Elvis and added two slices of bacon and a fried egg.  Fluff was an option that we skipped.  I loved the sweet and savory combination of banana and honey with egg and bacon and can't wait to make this at home on our panini press.  My only complaint was that the peanut butter was a little thickly spread and I could have really used a glass of milk to wash it down.  Even though we cleaned our plates Ari asked our server for a dessert menu.  It's nearly impossible for us to escape an eating establishment without having something sweet at the end so we shared two cupcakes - red velvet and brownie mint surprise.  Both were tasty but I preferred the chocolate simply because I always prefer chocolate.  I can't wait to go back so I can sample more cupcakes, like the buttermilk lavender and peanut butter chocolate truffle.  Check out the menu and next time you're on Wickenden don't forget to stop by the Duck and Bunny!

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  1. love this place its right next to the fabulous coffee shop!


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