Thursday, July 1, 2010

dine in RI - Julian's

Last week I went out to breakfast, brunch, and lunch many times... it seems to be the thing to do as soon as I get out of school with everyone I've been wanting to spend some time with.  My friend Jaclyn and I went to one of the best restaurants on Broadway for brunch and later in the week my mom and I stopped by the same place for lunch.  
Julian's is a great place to eat if you're looking for a restaurant with a hipster vibe and an ever-evolving menu of specials that are too numerous to remember and so delicious you'll want to come back the day after and the day after that, which explains why I was there twice in one week.  Jaclyn and I both enjoyed omelets - Thee Weeping Toreador with avocado, black beans and pepperjack, hold the tomato for me and Tha Jedi Mind Trick with spinach, mushroom, grilled onions, and Swiss for Jaclyn - with sides of toast and homefries slathered in Julian's house-made catsup; however, I forgot to take photographs for documentation purposes.  My memory was better later in the week and I snapped a couple of shots of the meal I shared with my mom.  We started off with fresh-squeezed lemonade, cool cucumber soup, and lemon pepper chips with pear and apple salsa... yum!  
Our lunches arrived soon after and we devoured them quickly as my mom had to be back at the courthouse in less than a half hour.  My turkey bacon melt with manchego cheese, spinach, and tarragon mustard on rye was big enough to take half home with some of my fries as was my mom's avocado salad with romaine, honey-roasted walnuts, pear, and shredded manchego.  
I'd like to visit Julian's for dinner as I've experienced breakfast and lunch there too many times to count at this point.  Maybe for the Menudo burger or Falafel wrap... the options are seemingly endless at Julian's!  Have you been? 

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  1. I'll second the recommendation for Julian's - delish! And thanks for the mini advert to my blog.


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